Princess Workshop Structure

Each workshop runs for 2 hours each - and you can bet every moment is filled to the brim with our special brand of princess magic!

Your child will get to meet various princesses from our rotation of enchanting princesses, and will spend the day laughing, learning, and engaging in interactive & imaginative play.


It could be Storytime with our beloved Ice Queen and Snow Princess, Crafts with our handy Island Princess, or learning Ballroom Dancing with our elegant Book Princess.

Each workshop will have its own special princess hosts and its own special theme and activities. No two workshops will ever be exactly alike!

Princess Workshops

by the Academy of Enchantment

It's a Win-Win!

You want to enjoy your weekend on a relaxing date or a spa date out. We understand.

Your kids want to jump, play, try new things, and sing at the top of their lungs - we understand too!


That's why the Academy of Enchantment's Princess Workshops are the perfect solution for the weekend. Held on a weekly to monthly basis, our workshops promise hours of supervised fun for your children with our enchanting Princess Team - while you enjoy your weekend the way you want to!

An Enchanting Location

Our princess workshops are conducted in a beautifully furnished, spacious loft - with more than enough room to play, dance, sing, and create!

We have collaborated with popular local eatery KARA Cafe (located just downstairs) to bring a medley of delicious & nourishing snacks to your little ones for snacktime.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, potato tots, premium frozen yogurt - afternoons were never this delicious!


Parents are more than welcome to attend the workshops with your child (if space is available) - a separate KARA Cafe menu is available for you upon request.