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Magic In Progress!

Our fairy godmothers are working busily into the night to get these magical flyers ready for tomorrow!

What's happening tomorrow, you ask? ... why, just the much-anticipated Honeykids Family Funday: Endless Summer Pool Party, which will be hosted by our amazing partner Swish Swimming! This kid-and-family-friendly pool party sold out in less than 12 hours, and we are THRILLED to be a part of it.

Our founder Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid and her merry band of mermaids will be making a splash there - and every single little one who attends will walk away with a goody bag with this very special flyer, advertising our upcoming LAUNCH in October 2017!

Come this October 2017, our Princesses will officially be landing in Singapore. You can expect princess workshops, meet and greets ... yes, and themed princess parties! With a carefully curated selection of princesses specially trained by Syrena, Singapore's First Mermaid herself, and decked in resplendent movie-accurate costumes - you can expect the best, for the best.

Want to find out more? Simply sign up for updates here on our landing site. We can't wait to share more magic with you very soon!